Mitt CV


1986-87 Music Education at Södra Vätterbygdens Folkhögskola in Jönköping

1994-95 Music Education at Folkuniversitetet in Lund

1995-99 Music Education at Malmö College of Music (Lund University) Master of Education in Music.     Major Subject: Singing Teacher: Etta Cameron (Rythmic Conservatory in Copenhagen)

2014 Estill Voice Training Level One & Two Course




Singer 1992 -....Freelancesinger with different groups, my own jazztrio, Maria Peterzon Trio.         Duo with violinist Stefan Pöntinen.

Performances at various Music Festivals, for example the 9th East West Encounter in Bangalore, India (2006), hotels such as Grand Hotel in Lund and at Sofitel Plaza in Copenhagen.

Singer at Nöjesteatern in Malmö 1994-95.



1999-2007 Vocal Coach at Kulturskolan and the Estethic programme at Gullstrand- gymnasiet (upper secondary school) in Landskrona

2006 Vocal Coach at Bangalore School of Music, India

2007-.... Vocal Coach to various artists and politicians. Among others: Jason / Timbuktu, Magnus Tingsek, Mapei, Promoe, Agnes Willie Nile.

2010-2011 Vocal coach at the Academy of Music, Malmö.

2010-2011 Vocal coach at the City Theatre.

2012 - .... Vocal Coach at the Christian IV in Kristianstad.